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....because it's good to talk

Coxlow Counselling

& Psychotherapy


I qualified with a degreein Person Centred

Over the last 12 years I have met and helped many wonderful people. I am still always amazed at the resilience and resources of those determined to change their lives. That doesn't always mean in an extreme way like moving to the other side of the world but the equally challenging decision to take a good look at ourself and change the things that get in the way of enjoying a fulfilling life. I learnt whilst studying for my Brighton University degree in Person Centred Counselling that everyone has the ability to make changes that will enable them to do just that.

As well as my having my own practice I've worked with a General Practioner surgery taking doctors referrals on a extensive range of issues. Undertaking training and working as a volunteer counsellor for various charities such Macmillan Cancer Care helping people who are suddenly confronted by this illness, Mankind with male survivors of sexual abuse and Summerhayes who provided low cost mental health services to the local community. This and my own experience of both country and city life enabled me to be aware and mindful of people ........

So how did I decide to be a counsellor?

Many years ago I found myself unable to cope with all that was going on in my life and sought professional help from my doctor. He referred me to a counsellor who was kind and understanding. Within weeks I was feeling so much better, less stressed and calmer.

Some years later after a traumatic experience I again sought help. This time with a different counsellor, I sensed a bias and felt disliked. After a few sessions I stopped going believing there was something wrong with me.

More years on, always curious as why my two encounters had been so different I enrolled in a taster counselling course. It was there that I discovered that being qualified in counselling theory isn't enough. The counsellor has to be understanding, empathic, without judgement, and caring.  

These are not learnt, they are intrinsically in the being of the counsellor.

It is for this reason I offer a free half hour introductory session that you may know if I will be the person that can help you.

If there's anything you'd like to ask or you'd like to book your free session, why not call now. 

Morine Stringer

Coxlow Counselling


TN21 0JG

Telephone: 01435 813347 or 07824 882721

email: [email protected]