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Coxlow Counselling

& Psychotherapy



Although the practice of Mindfulness goes back thousand of years and crosses different cultures and beliefs, it is only since the 1970's it has spread into our awareness as research has shown how it can help us to better health and wellbeing.

My approach to Mindfullness comes from the praticality of being able to benefit from its use whenever you feel the need. Many people think that Mindfulness has to be practised lying on the floor or a matress, not very useful if you're out and about or in the middle of undertaking some task.

You can learn Mindfulness sitting comfortably in my room, either individually or in a small group (3 people max), so if you would like: 

  • to become more relaxed and calm
  • to cope better with stress and anxiety
  • to cope with chronic pain and illness
  • to enjoy and appreciate your life more

then Mindfulness is something that will benefit you.

How can Mindfulness help?

We all have our own built in alarm system which alerted our ancestors to life and death situations. In modern life our brain is constantly assessing what our senses tell us: so although it isn't likely to be a sabre tooth tiger, the the news of something we perceive will disrupt our daily routine is enough to trigger the rush of adrenaline, one of our stress hormones,to be switched on.

Mindfulness teaching can show you how to turn off this stress reaction and bring about a calming response as we see the threat for what it really is.

Sounds easy! Like many things in life it is the simplest that can be the most effective. Like riding a bike, turn the pedals and the wheels can take you wherever you want to go, but you have to learn a few other things, steering, balance, awareness, and lots of practice. So it is with Mindfulness, learn the basics and once learnt they are yours for life to use when and wherever you choose. 

The best way to find out if it works for you is to try it out.  

You're welcome to call me to book a time to try or just to ask any questions you may have.

Morine Stringer

Coxlow Counselling


TN21 0JG

01435 813347 or 07824 882721

email: morine.stringer