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Coxlow Counselling

& Psychotherapy


Group Facilitation

 A group is any number of more than three people who are connected in some way. Maybe a family, work colleagues, peer groups, committee members, in fact anywhere there is a mix of ideas, opinions, beliefs, attitudes, views and philosophies, all attempting to reach a satisfactory result or conclusion. 

Not easy. As much as we would like to believe we are unbiased or non-judgemental, we are all different and have our own agenda.

In any group to find an outcome or solution that everyone agrees with may seem near impossible.

How could a Facilitator help? 

As a facilitator I am able to be outside of the group. 

What any member of a group hears may not be what the speaker intends but what the listener comprehends. This kind of situation often ends in stale mate or some members feeling unhappy as they disagree and feel unheard. 

Any results, outcomes, or conclusions reached will struggle to succeed if there is disparity within the group. 

I am experienced in listening and watching the dynamic within a group of people. I will notice compliance and disagreement both verbal and non verbal, checking out and verify that each member, speakers and listeners, has been heard correctly, understands, and feels heard.

We all have a voice, we don't like to feel misunderstood, but we sometimes find it difficult to question as confrontation feels scary.

Let me help you find yours.